About The Show
Near-Death TV is a new half-hour reality show with a cutting-edge concept about Near Death Experience. Host Lura Ketchledge takes her team of paranormal investigators to a private location with a celebrity or author who claims to have had a Near-Death Experience, and returned with insights or psychic abilities. During the interview, the team runs a paranormal investigation at a private location as Lura interviews the celebrity. Dubbed the “accidental psychic” because of her own Near-Death Experience, Lura believes some people have a pinch of psychic gifts, but no one has a full cup. On this show, Lura will be the naysayer: A Scully Skeptic who has some psychic abilities but is still a hard sell. Her co-host is a ‘Fox Molder’ true believer with an extensive background and knowledge in ghost hunting. After the paranormal investigation and interviews, they sometimes banter and agree to disagree over the finds. At the same time, the paranormal investigation team is trying to solve Lura’s TRUE, past life murder mystery.